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Historic Rancho Las Cruces is an exclusive Baja seaside resort located on a natural sanctuary of more than 10,000 acres and 7 miles of private pristine coastline. Its hotel is situated along the white sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortés yet only a short drive from the La Paz, BCS international airport.

Gaze across the Sea of Cortés to the enchanted Island of Cerralvo, once known to the Spanish conquistadors as the Island of Pearls. Wake to the morning sun and be filled with awe as it turns the tranquil sea into a masterpiece of color. Enjoy the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains, stunning desert gardens and oasis of stately palms while enjoying attentive and personalized service.

If you long for peace and quiet, where time moves at a slower pace; if you love the unspoiled wonders of nature we invite you to go back in time and enjoy the natural paradise of Rancho Las Cruces.

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Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador, was told about a great Island filled with gold and pearls of wonderful size and color. Determined to find the source of such impressive riches and to claim the fabled island of pearls for the Spanish crown Cortés sent various expeditions. On one of these Cortés himself set forth and landed on May 3rd, 1535 on what was thought to be an island. In commemoration of his landing he placed three crosses on the land he baptized as Santa Cruz. Stone replicas of these crosses still remain in the site where Rancho Las Cruces now stands. Part of the land known as Santa Cruz by the early Explorers would later be named Las Cruces. Although he found no gold, Cortés did find pearls of astonishing beauty.

Abelardo L. Rodriguez Montijo & Lucille Bremer

Down the centuries the shores of Las Cruces and the islands of Cerralvoand Espirito Santo were renowned for their fabulous pearls but a decline in the pearl oyster started as early as 1900 and by 1929 the pearl industry of Baja belonged to the past. Standing where Cortés once stood more than 400 years earlier, Abelardo L. Rodriguez Montijo watched the rising sun cast its array of magnificent color on the tranquil sea. He saw the remains of thatched huts, water wells and aqueducts that once irrigated beautiful tropical orchards and native palms. He realized then, that although depleted of pearls, Las Cruces could still provide treasure. He believed that the enchantment of ten thousand acres with more than five miles of private sea coast would be gratifying to those who must face maddening crowds and churn through congested traffic. In 1948 he and his beautiful bride, Lucille Bremer decided to turn Las Cruces into a small luxury resort.

Lucille Bremer

This was the birth of tourism in the state of Baja California Sur. The success of Las Cruces prompted Abelardo (Rod) to build other world class resorts in Baja. Hotel Palmilla which opened in 1957 is still thought of as the shining star of Los Cabos (now the One and Only Palmilla) as well as Hotel Hacienda in Cabo San Lucas.

Abelardo & Desi Arnaz

Las Cruces, however, was the place Abelardo and his family always called home. Here he built his home as well as others for his dear friends and partners Robert Fisher, Desi ArnazBing Crosby, Charles Jones and Roger Bacon. Casa Fisher is now called Hacienda Santa Cruz. Las Cruces offers discriminating guests the same natural beauty, tranquility and charm that attracts distinguished guests. His resorts gained notoriety and were visited by many celebrities including princes, presidents, dignitaries and stars and simply by people whose wish it was to experience the adventure of a land that until then had been inaccessible to most.

We invite you to enter a place that is beyond your dreams, visit exquisite Rancho Las Cruces and become a participating member for years to come.




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