FB – Nature Photo Expeditions Baja Mexico

Brilliant Sunrise, Rancho Las Cruces, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, MexicoExperience 10,000 Acres of Photographic Natural Wonders at the Secluded Desert Oasis of Rancho Las Cruces on the Sea of Cortez!

Experience the unique physical and natural beauty of the historic Rancho Las Cruces, an exclusive Baja seaside resort located on a natural sanctuary of more than 10,000 acres and 7 miles of private pristine coastline. Its hotel is situated along the white sandy beaches of the Sea of Cortés yet only a short drive from the La Paz, BCS international airport.

Relax, explore and photograph the natural treasure, marine sanctuary and desert oasis that is Rancho Las Cruces, a unique all inclusive property where you can experience an unforgettable escape. Everything about Rancho Las Cruces is special from its idyllic beachfront accommodations ranging from well appointed casitas to private homes, excellent fishing and resort activities, all inclusive amenities and Baja’s only private airstrip.

If you long for an unspoiled environment of peace and quiet, where time moves at a slower pace; if you love the unspoiled wonders of nature we invite you to go back in time and enjoy the natural paradise of Rancho Las Cruces.

Experience the Natural Wonders of Rancho Las Cruces Today!

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