1540328_459442920823196_1946979999_oMembers Benefits

Rancho Las Cruces is pleased to offer you these benefits:

Dues Credit
Privileges of being a member include a dues credit of $500.00 usable by the member or his invited guest during the current season.
Members that visit the club on a second occasion during the season will receive an additional dues credit of $250.00.

The member and his accompanying family is entitled to a 20% discount from the Las Cruces full American plan rates.

Children, ages 5-12, will be given a 50% discount when accompanying members.
If the children occupy the same room as their parents, the members will only be billed $50.00 per child per day.
Children, ages 0-4, occupying the same room as their parent are free of charge.


The club will be reserved exclusively for members and their guests during peak periods, members need not accompany their guests.

You will enjoy thousands of acres of private Rancho Las Cruces property, including airport, buildings, sport fishing boats and other Rancho Las Cruces facilities.

Additional privileges included with your membership:

* Use of club facilities for special events.

* Event planning.

* Boat storage and mooring.

* Storage lockers for private storage of fishing, and personal gear. (nominal charge)