Donations now to support Rancho Las Cruces workers during COVID-19 contingency.



The Place  The People  The Flavors

By Lynn & Carolee Pomeroy

We are making every effort to minimize the negative economic impact this contingency is having on our workers, but we also need every help we can get.

By making a donation and a acquiring this book you will now be supporting the workers of Rancho Las Cruces whose income has been affected by the Coronavirus crisis, 100% of your donations will be used to either provide them with food or cash. Additionally you will:

-> Get 165 recipes of the food and drinks served daily at Rancho Las Cruces, including your favorite Mexican dishes.

-> Learn more about the ingredients used in the recipes and the culinary riches of Las Cruces.

-> Get  more than 200 scenic and historical photographs of the Club.

-> Be supporting the project to build a new greenhouse and  to the re-establish of the old Rancho Las Cruces orchards.


Please provide your contact, shipping, and payment information below, your book(s) will be shipped to the address provided in this form. Minimum donation: $ 100 US dollars per book.