Casa Serena


Casa Serena

This spacious home has protected, unparalleled views of the Las Cruces seascape, Island of Cerralvo and the Resort, along with gracious desert gardens and majestic mountain vistas. Casa Serena is the perfect home away from home, offered in the traditional Las Cruces style where love of nature and old world traditions are ever fostered

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Casa Serena is situated on 1.33 acres of land and consists of:

  • 5,015 square ft. /interior construction
  • 2,260 square ft./covered terraces
  • 2,841 square ft. / open patio and pool areas

Special note: This 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath house can easily be transformed into a 4 bedroom 4 full bath home.

Plenty of land to build 1 guest house. Architectural and building services are available.

For a special appointment to view Casa Serena or for detailed information please email your questions or call us at:
phone: (858) 764 4122
Office Hours: 9am to 3pm Mountain Time, Monday through Saturday.

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Special contractual agreements, conditions and services.

Casa Serena was built exclusively for Las Cruces members and is strictly for domestic use only. Any new building plan (guest house) or exteriors ( paint, walls ) must be approved by the Las Cruces board of directors.

To conserve water, Please plan gardens wisely.

Services: Las Cruces will provide water, gas and electric services, drainage, gardening and housekeeping services and will act as your property manager for a reasonable monthly service and maintenance fee.