2020 – 2021 Dues Letter

Dear ,

I hope you and your dear ones are in good health and keeping safe during these challenging times.

The impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus has been significant for Las Cruces. During the past six months Rancho Las Cruces operations have come to a standstill. Our main focus during this time has been to preserve our natural sanctuary, support our staff and prepare for our reopening. As part of this preparation we have implemented extraordinary measures of cleanliness, sanitization and operational protocols that follow the highest international standards. We have spent months working and training our staff to acquire the “Punto Limpio” certification, that ensures that our rooms, casitas, villas and the entire resort are the safest possible environments for our members and guests.

With that said, to be able to continue preserving the legacy of Rancho Las Cruces for our members as well as for generations to come we now, more than ever before, need your support and request that you cover your annual dues payment at your earliest opportunity and above all hope that you will visit the Club during our 71st season, commencing on November 1st 2020 and extended to August 31st 2021.

Starting November 1st, 2020, Las Cruces will initiate phase two of the reopening process and open the hotel. As part of this process we will temporarily be restricted to operate only during the dates when we have at least one of the villas reserved or a minimum of 8 guests staying at the main Club area. We regret to be unable to extend the fifth night free until we are able to start normal operations. Our villas, Hacienda Santa Cruz and Casa Serena, are open year-round.

If your group is smaller than 8 guests and you are interested in staying at the main Club area, we may already have other reservations or requests for the same dates so we should have no problems accommodating your request.

To make a reservation, please contact us by phone at (858) 764 4122 (office hours from 9am to 3pm Mountain Time Monday through Saturday), by email at reservations@rancholascruces.com or use the following link to request a reservation:

The yearly dues of $1,950.00 dollars as a participating member are now payable. Members will continue to enjoy their 20% discount from our room rates, and credits of $500.00 and $250.00 usable by members or their guests, upon the first and second visits within the current season. Please visit www.rancholascruces.com/en/membership to learn more about the membership benefits.

Kindly pay your membership dues by providing your credit card information either via our secure web form at www.rancholascruces.com, by phone (858) 764-4122 or fax (858) 764-4263. Payment via credit card is preferred as all checks must be picked up and brought into Mexico to be deposited in our local corporate accounts. If a credit card payment is difficult for you, please send checks payable to Las Cruces S. de R.L. de C.V. to our US mailing address:

Las Cruces S. de R. L. de C.V.
5111 Los Altos Ct.
San Diego, CA 92109.

Four generations of the Rodriguez family join me and take this opportunity to thank you, our Las Cruces members, for your continuous and loyal support. Your generosity and love of Rancho Las Cruces allows us to conserve and protect this hidden paradise. We, as well as all of the members of the Las Cruces staff, look forward to welcoming you back to your home away from home where we promise to do our absolute best to ensure your safety, well-being and enjoyment.

With warm regards,

Nicolas Rodriguez