Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Rancho Las Cruces.

Do I have to be a member to stay at Las Cruces? 

Everyone is welcome to visit Rancho Las Cruces and stay at the resort. If you enjoy Las Cruces and intend to visit regularly we invite you to become a participating member. To learn about the many benefits of membership please click on membership.

How can I get to Rancho Las Cruces?

Arrive at either the La Paz or Los Cabos international airports. From either of these airports Las Cruces can provide land transportation (additional charges apply) or you may choose to rent a car. Another viable option if arriving at the Los Cabos airport is taking a charter flight via Aereocalafia (www.aereocalafia.com.mx). All options must include coordinating your visit through the Las Cruces office in La Paz as the entrance is private and locked at all times. Please go to contact us for further information.

How else can I get to Las Cruces?”

You may also arrive by boat, or by private aircraft landing at the Las Cruces airstrip. For more information please go to map or contact us.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted, unfortunately at the moment American Express is not accepted, check or cash is preferred for Service Charge payments (15%).

Is there a restaurant at the resort?

Rates are full American plan and include three meals per day and appetizers in the evening. We are proud of the service we have provided now continually for more than 60 years and are confident that you will agree and be happy with our a la carte breakfast menu, lunches and our four course meals at dinner or our lavish Mexican Buffets. If you have any special dietary needs please be sure to inform us of these before your visit so as to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Is there a dress code?

To ensure the old world charm and simple elegance of the club we ask that you adhere to our dress code. Please be aware that shoes are required in the dining room and bar areas, cover ups over bathing suits please, we ask that men wear collared shirts and slacks to dinner. Bermuda shorts are permissible for outdoor dining during the hot weather months. Resort wear for the ladies. Thank you.

What can I do here (activities)?

There are many activities you can enjoy while in Las Cruces many of them are free of charge:

• Enjoy fishing or recreational boating. (additional charges apply)
• Kayaking, discover the unforgettable Sea of Cortez.
• Snorkeling, discover an underwater paradise.
• Paddle boarding.
• Driving range.
• Croquet, Ping-Pong, horseshoes, bocceball, volleyball and etc.
• Play tennis on one of our 3 tennis courts.
• Biking, mountain bikes available.
• Horseback riding. Enjoy a guided tour through our beautiful desert gardens or along the beach. (additional charges apply).
• Walk or hike through one of our 13 paths with different distances and degrees of difficulties.
• Bide a while in the Santa Cruz chapel.
• Hike along the beautiful coast enjoying magnificent views of the Las Cruces oasis and the mystic island of Cerralvo.
• Read a book; there are many of them available to our guests in the office.
• Day trips or special excursions (additional charges apply).
• Enjoy the El Melon trail, a path that ranchers have used for over two centuries, experiencing beautiful views and unique examples of the flora and fauna of the Baja desert.
• Enjoy a relaxing massage. (additional charges apply)
• Sunbathe and bathe at the “I vant to be alone beach”
• Refine your aim at our sporting clay range. (additional charges apply)

Do I have to take my own snorkeling/courts equipment?

No this is not necessary, snorkeling equipment is provided by Las Cruces, diving equipment is not.

Is there a phone here? Is phone service available?

Part of the enchantment of Las Cruces is its isolation and therefore no regular phone system is available. However, Wi-Fi service is available and Skype calls can be made.

Is there Internet service available?

Wi-Fi service is available free of charge in the office, around the pool, bar and dinning room.

How can I contact someone in case of an emergency?

Immediately inform our office personnel.

Do I need an adapter for the current outlets?

The outlets are the same as those used in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Is there a hair dryer available in the room?”

Yes, we do provide hairdryers, please request one from our office personnel.

Do you have a gym?

Yes, there is a small gym, with basic equipment for cardiovascular conditioning.

How far are you from the City?

The city of La Paz is the closest city to Las Cruces and is 30 minuets away by car.

Can I celebrate my wedding/anniversary/birthday… in Las Cruces?

You certainly can, this is one of the benefits of the membership, we can help you organize your party or reception and rehearsal reception and arrange additional services like: fireworks, live music, DJ, flower arrangements… Click here to learn more.