Rancho Las Cruces. A perfect place for a new beginning….

My parents were married in Baja California Sur long before the advent of luxury destination resorts and at least half a century before the arrival of professional wedding experts.

Why would this enchanted couple, familiar with so many other beautiful places in the world, choose Southern Baja as the place to exchange their wedding vows?

Perhaps because they were captivated by the gentle breezes and the vast and glorious blue sea that sparkled as if diamonds reflected the sun’s light back to the heavens.

Perhaps it was because they had been treated to the feeling of hot sand of pristine beaches beneath their feet and the warm caressing waters as they explored the silent and mystical world beneath the surface while swimming with vibrant multicolored and exotic fish, or “living jewels”, as my mother called them.  Maybe it was the majestic mountains in the distance or the stunning dessert scattered with oases of stately palms.

Or was it perhaps because of the peace that enveloped them as the setting sun embellished the sky with magical shades of magenta, orange and pink, or maybe, it was because of the morning sun that turned the tranquil and translucent sea into a masterpiece of color?

Surely, they chose Baja California Sur for all these reasons and more.

A long time has passed since then.   Baja California Sur is still a place of unspoiled wonders of nature but now also provides world renowned destination resorts that cater to the most discriminating guest with exquisite accommodations and an array of professional services.

A perfect place for a new beginning….

Note:  Abelardo L. Rodriguez Montijo and his beautiful bride, Lucille Bremer, stayed in Baja California Sur and created the first luxury resort, Rancho Las Cruces, complete with wedding chapel, which even today, more than 60 years later, is still used for uniting guests in matrimony. 

Article written by Cristina Rodriguez Bremer, Tendencia Magazine.


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