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“Last of its kind. A natural treasure.”  — 5 stars

Do you long for peace and quiet, a vacation that offers true serenity and tranquility. White sand beaches with no one around. 5 miles of private beach, best diving, spear fishing, snorkling, hiking horseback riding, fishing and nature walks in the world. This is truely the worlds aquarium. Las Cruces is for members only however it has been recently opened to the public for a one time trial membership. There is no where like Las Cruces in the entire world which is why those who can travel anywhere still choose to come back here. Not to be missed, the true baja in the first hotel in all of Baja California Sur. S.L.

“Beautiful Rancho Las Cruces”   — 5 stars

Rancho Las Cruces in baja california its a hidden gem if you want to disconnect from the city life and enjoy nature and a beautiful beach this is the place to go. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Stayed January 2012, traveled on business. Mirian M.

“Delicious Hideaway” — 5 stars

Rancho Las Cruces is a beautiful and wonderfully relaxing getaway. It is secluded and quiet and wonderful place to recharge yourself. This is a repeat visit for us and we will be back again. The staff is wonderful and the food delicious. H.P.

“Absolutely First Class !!!”   — 5 stars

This is primarily a members-only resort, but they can take non-members (call or email them to find the particulars). We were here because of a Lindblad – National Geographic Photo Expedition (land and sea) that we had won, so I can’t comment on the pricing. Our group of 50+ expedition members stayed in casitas or haciendas – separate buildings going along the ocean. At the end were Bing Crosby’s and Desi Arnaz’ houses. One of the couples got to stay in Desi’s house with its guitar-shaped pool (we got a tour inside and outside). There’s a paved walk along the ocean to get to the main building. At the beginning of January it was too cold to use the pool (I don’t remember if it was heated). The service was incredible! They saw to our every need. The rooms (all Mexican tile and brick inside) don’t have heat, but they would bring wood to your fireplace and start a fire if you requested. We thought the food was gourmet – plentiful and very delicious with very attentive servers! Wild horses roam areas of the property – they belong to the resort and are trained to be ridden, but are kept out of stables to be hardier. They have a five-mile private beach and are in the middle of their own ten square miles of property and generate their own electricity. They have a private dirt airstrip right there if you didn’t want to shuttle or drive from La Paz (about 45 minutes) or Los Cabos (3 1/2 hours). There’s a gorgeous view looking down the coast, and their three picturesque stone crosses (las cruces) atop a hill with great views are a 20 minute walk from the resort or a one to two minute drive. Their property is gated and in the middle of nowhere so you don’t have to worry about strangers with ill intentions. In fact, none of the rooms have outside door locks. It took us a little time to get used to it, but they’ve never had any problems and our group had many thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment and became quite used to not having to worry (the same was true aboard the small National Geographic ship we boarded later on for the rest of the expedition). The owner had a story about his father buying the property in the 1950’s (I think) where the previous owner said “I want $34,000 for the property and not a penny less!” Many Hollywood celebrities would stay here. This is a place where you would be comfortable just relaxing (our photo group was busy shooting most of the time, however)…” Rick P.

“Just the best!”

Just the best! We never ever tire of it. -B.M.

“Las Cruces is our new oasis!”

The staff is outstanding, accommodations always clean, food divine, water warm and welcoming and memories never forgotten. We will miss you! -C.D.

“Most beautiful wedding ever!”

This was the most beautiful wedding ever! Thank you Las Cruces!!! -A.E.

“Another smashing year!!!”

Another smashing year!!! Las Cruces with a grandious welcome!! I have had a simply superb time with all of you. We will miss you Las Cruces! -P.S.

“What a wonderful visit!”

Everything was perfect. What a wonderful visit! -B.R.

“Incredible and exciting event”

Incredible and exciting event, coming down to beautiful Las Cruces to see the eclipse! It was such a nice week and I hope to come back very soon. -S.M.

“The first of many visits!”

A fishing first. The first of many visits! -R.B.

“A good time was had by all!”

A good time was had by all! This great group came here from Mazatlan and with fun for all. We had a wonderful visit. Hope to come and see you again soon. -A.M.

“Better than advertised!!!”

Better than advertised!!! -Wayne

“I had the best week of my life!”

I had the best week of my life! I wish I would’ve caught a Marlin but all the other fish were just as good. Being a great guest here makes me want to become a member! -Shannon

“Las Cruces isthe best.”

Always fun great people and good friends. Las Cruces is the best. -R.M.

“Can’t wait to come back.”

As usual a really superb week at Las Cruces with the family great food, great fishing, great friends. Can’t wait to come back. Good cheer and lots of love to our fellow Las Crucians. -M.B.

“Another great time with friends.”

Always good to be in Las Cruces. Another great time with friends. -R.I.

“Can’t wait for a return trip!”

Too much fun. Can’t wait for a return trip! -S.M.

“Me gusta Las Cruces!”

Me gusta Las Cruces! I’m happy we came here for Spring Break. I hope that we will return sometime soon. Thanks for everything! -A.P.

“Cheers to Las Cruces!”

Cheers! To love, laughter, happily ever after and Las Cruces! -R.H.

“Can’t wait to come back!”

Can’t wait to come back to enjoy more of the wonderful scenery, food and margaritas! -T.I.

“This place is magic!”

Thanks so much for everything, this place is magic. Runs like a Swiss watch. -G.M.

“Beautiful, just beautiful!”

A Thanksgiving to be remembered forever and ever… beautiful… just beautiful! -S.I.