Our family has celebrated three weddings, three wedding anniversaries and a number of birthdays at Las Cruces. Las Cruces shares an idyllic relationship with the Sea of Cortez. This relationship, enhanced by wonderful food, music, folkloria dancing and fireworks contributes to an experience that creates lifetime memories. Our daughter, brother and friends have been married at the little chapel on the hill that overlooks one of the most fascinating and mysterious places on earth with its crystal clear water pierced by the sculptural volcanic Cerralvo Island, white sand beaches and incredible sunrises and sunsets. This primordial environment, surrounded by the surprisingly wild and untamed desert is a perfect setting for a special event.

A few weeks ago I celebrated a birthday with my wife and a few friends under the cabana at Las Cruces. We were sipping margaritas with Niki when the mariachis arrived. They serenaded us for hours playing anything we requested as the sun slowly surrendered to the night and the Milky Way took over the sky. We were served a wonderful Mexican dinner that Moncha and Rosie had prepared as the mariachis played on. It was a simple evening, without the pomp and circumstance of a large wedding party, but it was so special, because we were in this incredible environment. Las Cruces is our second home and it has provided us with these unique memories for over 30 years.

Lynn Pomeroy